7 Healthy dry fruits and snacks that should be added to your diet

Health is important and we all strive to build our own personal health. The most nutritious food for one person might cause allergy or digestion issues for another. But many foods found in dry fruits & snacks contain a high amount of nutrients and antioxidants and promote good health, which is why they should be included in your everyday diet. Having a healthy meal twice a day is the ideal diet plan to lose weight. In order to achieve this you need snacks for those extra hungry moments other than meals

There are unhealthy snacks available all around you which you might be ignoring. The right kind of dry fruits can actually be healthy for you. Therefore, it is essential that these ones get the attention they deserve. Dry fruits and nuts are recommended as healthy snacks as they provide crunch as well as essential nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, vitamins, and dietary fiber. According to studies, the high fiber content of dry fruits helps lower blood sugar levels and provides satiety thus preventing overeating and weight gain.

Dry Fruits


Dates are sweet, sticky, and healthy fruits that have been an important part of many health-related cultures for thousands of years. Dates are packed with fiber, protein, B vitamins, vitamin K, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and antioxidants. They are loaded with minerals that are beneficial to the heart. Dates are packed with nutrients. Dates contain antioxidants that cleanse the body and protect it from free radicals.

Dates are rich in carbohydrates, soluble fiber, antioxidants, and various nutrients. They can be eaten as a healthy snack between meals or as a substitute for desserts after meals. Since dates contain more water content than other dried fruits, they are softer compared to raisins or prunes which make them easy to eat and digest.



Almonds nuts contain monounsaturated fats that help reduce bad cholesterol from the body. This helps relieve various heart diseases. Almonds are also high in B-complex vitamins that boost your energy level. Almonds are often used as a substitute for walnuts which are known to cause allergies. Almonds are acceptable even to children. A handful of almonds before going to bed prevent nightmares too.

Almonds are high in fiber, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin E. Almonds are rich in monounsaturated fats which can help decrease bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol levels. It is popular for its health benefits like the prevention of cancer by reducing the over-production of estrogen in our bodies. A handful of almonds can go a long way in providing you with the energy you need to get through the day.



Cashews contain lots of minerals and vitamins, which can boost your immunity to diseases. Cashew contains several vitamins, such as A, B1, B2, B6, and E. It also contains small amounts of vitamin C, thiamin, and niacin. Cashew nuts also contain a number of minerals, such as magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese. So there you have it folks. Add some cashews to your diet today to keep you energetic for a long period!

Source of energy and stamina, cashews are rich in calories that provide energy to the body. Cashews also help in curing kidney problems. The protein content of this dry fruit helps in building muscles. Munch on some healthy and tasty cashews without feeling guilty. Cashews can help lower your cholesterol and stabilize your blood sugar. Its antioxidant properties, magnesium, and protein content are also beneficial for your heart and bone health.



Raisins are not only healthy but can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. They are very rich in soluble fiber which helps lower the bad cholesterol that clogs blood vessels while raising the good kind that prevents heart disease. It also serves to lower blood pressure. It’s also a good source of iron, copper, antioxidants, and potassium. Raisins are a healthy snack and are often used to replace chocolate as a quick sweet treat. Raisins have a wonderful sweet flavor but they have a lot of other health benefits including being rich in antioxidants.

Raisins are good for health and the body. They can be used after meals to prevent high blood sugar. They can help in losing weight and helps in digestion. Raisins contain many vitamins and minerals and also include natural sugars. Raisins are the best dry fruits which you should be eating regularly for your healthy living. Eating raisins regularly would help to cut down the risk of cancer, diabetes and also helps in weight loss. Raisins are rich in iron and fiber content; this makes them an effective food source for anemia patients. Fiber is good for digestion and weight loss.



Makhana is a bit exotic in nature. The nutritional value of Makhana makes it the best dry fruit for health. The best part about Makhana is that you can eat it fresh and dry, hard or soft, whole or ground into powder or flour. Naturally low in fat and salt, eaten alone or added to sweets and savories, Makhana offers numerous different ways of adding it to any meal.

Makhana is rich in vitamins & minerals, high in fiber content. Makhana is known to have many health benefits, for this reason, it is also called the “Superfood” that provides you healthy food to stay fit. Makhana is one of the amazing health food which has numerous health benefits. It contains fiber, iron, magnesium, calcium, consumed even in small amounts it can reduce cholesterol levels, keep your blood pressure under control and prevent constipation.


Ragi Chips

Ragi Chips are healthy, tasty and a low-fat diet snack that is a must-have for a person who wishes to increase their fiber intake. Ragi chips can be a great substitute for conventional snacks and have more taste and flavor than them which will not let you get tired of eating ragi chips. Ragi Chips may be a good source of calcium, but the real reason for adding them to your diet is that they are rich in iron and hence prevent anemia.

Ragi chips will also help you get rid of tiredness and weakness, thanks to their iron content. They can be eaten as a snack. Also, they decrease the bad LDL cholesterol in the body and increase good HDL – cholesterol, which makes you more fit and healthy. Ragi chips are a healthy and tasty snack and very good for health and weight management without any side effects and can prevent diseases like heart attack, heart stroke, diabetes, etc. It’s very simple to make. Ragi is also rich in fiber, Vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium which help control blood pressure and prevent cancer.


Millet Cookies

Millet cookies are one of the best healthy snacks that should be added to your diet. These healthier snacks are made from millet flour which is more nutritious than other flour. Millet is also an inexpensive whole grain that has lesser gluten content as compared to wheat flour. Millet cookies should be a part of your diet as it’s a good source of energy. Millets contain high fiber and carbohydrate content as well as a B-complex group of vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, and iron. Millets are gluten-free and packed with nutritional value, making them one of the most beneficial foods to consume on a daily basis.

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