8 Reasons Why You Should Drink Vegetable Juice

Do you wonder how celebs come to that glowing skin and their fit figure? One of their secrets is drinking vegetable juices. Every day, stars such as Doutzen Kroes and Kim Kardashian go to work with a slowjuicer to prepare a juice. There are many reasons why the beautiful women in Hollywood swear by vegetable juices Girlscene tells you which reasons these are and why you should start the day with veggie juice!

1. Daily vitamin

boost Is something healthier than vegetables? Vegetables contain everything you need in terms of nutrients. The basis of a healthy body! You can never actually consume too many vegetables, but make sure you vary enough. Drinking the same vegetable juice every day is not only a primal thing, but you also do not get the best out of your diet.

2. You can not eat fresh juice on Maarre

Why not just juicen and not just eat a few carrots? Juice is so good for you, because you only have a drink left with all the nutrients. When you drink the juice, your body does not need to break down other nutrients, so you immediately absorb all the important substances without losing any important substances.

3. Vegetable juices are tasty

Not entirely unimportant: vegetable juices are tasty! Vegetable juices come in many combi’s, you can choose which vegetables you like best. With juices you can also get vegetables that you normally would not eat so fast, such as celery and fennel.

4. The outcome for greenhouses

Are you such a person who pushes the vegetables aside and only eats the meat and the potato? That is a shame because your body is missing a lot of important substances. You can solve this problem by drinking vegetable juices. A vegetable juice is very tasty, but if you still can not find it plums then you can always hit back quickly ;-).

5. Dip? Drink veggie juice!

The morning is not the favorite time of the day for everyone, especially if you have a busy day ahead of school. If you suffer from a dip, a vegetable juice is a very good idea. Think of it as a can of Red Bull, but healthy! After 20 minutes your body absorbs all nutrients and you will feel much more energetic. Come on with that day!

6. Key to a fit and healthy body

Vegetable juices have a positive effect on your body. It can help you lose weight because it speeds up your digestion. It also ensures a shiny and even skin. And who does not want that?

7. You notice quick results

A vegetable juice is not hot chocolate, so we want to see and feel fast results. And fortunately you can expect that too! Most people feel results after a week. They feel fitter, more energetic and clearer. Well, that’s what we sign for!

8. It is nice and easy

When we are in a healthy mood, we can spontaneously make three fresh juices. But to be honest, after a few days we stop juicing again. Suddenly you have forgotten the great benefits of vegetable juice or we secretly just do not want to go back every morning to carrots, fennel and spinach. And … you have to get up before. Why a vegetable juice is a case of ‘child can do the laundry’? Well, because nowadays you also have ready-to-eat veggie juices!

Where to Buy Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Juice

Good F&B based in South Korea, was established in 2006 for making healthy and safe foods! The meaning of Good F&B is ‘Good Agricultural Cooperative’ and their mission is producing quality organic foods and beverages to customers!

Good F&B has been going beyond Korea and producing products in China, USA, Dubai and Vietnam. They also produce their products to CJ Fresh-way, Samsung Well-story, GS Retail shop, Home-shopping.

There are nine types of fruit juice and I can divide them into three big categories- just watery juice type, jelly type, smoothie type. They are all from the organic farm in Korea, so the products are not contained synthetic preservatives, dyes, and L-MSG. I tried them all and it seems they are all reliable products!