The Most Painful Spots To Get A Tattoo

Tattoos are a remarkable form of self-expression. While some may have a higher pain threshold than others, a common question regarding tattoos is, “Does it hurt?” To which we answer, “Yes, it does hurt, some areas more than others.”

The least painful areas to place a tattoo are those with fatter, fewer nerve endings, and thicker skin, while the most painful areas are those close to the bone with little or no fat, thin skin and contain more nerve endings. Tattoo recipients may find pain in these areas high to severe.

Fear not; the tattooing world has a secret weapon to help you conquer those agonizing areas; Tattoo Numbing Cream.

The Most Painful Spots For A Tattoo

One aspect of tattoos that puts a person off from getting inked is the pain. While the pain level varies from person to person, some areas of the body are notorious for being particularly painful to tattoo.

1. Ribcage Tattoos

A tattoo over your ribcage is a breathtaking experience. The skin over the ribcage is thin and sits directly above the bones, making it one of the most painful areas to get inked. Every breath can feel challenging as the needle penetrates this sensitive region. Tattoo-numbing creams are a game-changer in this area, as they can help dull the sharp pain.

2. Spine Tattoos

The spine is a central and sensitive part of the body. Spinal tattoos are notorious for their discomfort. The pain can range from a constant stinging sensation to sharp jolts as the needle hits the bony vertebral column. Applying a tattoo numbing cream before getting a spine tattoo can significantly reduce the pain, allowing you to endure the process more comfortably.

3. Collarbone Tattoos

The collarbone area is bony and tender, making it another painful spot for tattoos. The proximity of the bone to the skin means that the tattoo needle is almost directly over the bone, causing intense discomfort. Tattoo numbing creams are your ally here, as they help create a barrier between the needle and your skin, reducing the pain considerably.

4. Elbow Tattoos

Elbow tattoos are challenging for several reasons. Firstly, the skin around the elbow is thinner than other areas, making it more pain-sensitive. Secondly, the tattoo process involves constant bending and stretching of the joint, which is quite uncomfortable.

Tattoo-numbing creams remove the edge by numbing the area and reducing the needle sensation.

5. Foot And Ankle Tattoos

Tattoos on the feet and ankles are infamous for their painful nature. The skin in these areas is thin, with the bones close to the surface, resulting in intense, sharp pain during tattooing. Additionally, the constant foot movement adds to the discomfort. Tattoo-numbing creams can desensitize the area, thus making the experience more manageable.

6. Inner Bicep Tattoos

Inner bicep tattoos are popular, but they’re not without some pain. Your inner bicep skin is relatively thin, and constant flexing may cause discomfort during tattooing. Applying a tattoo numbing cream to the inner bicep area before the inking process may reduce discomfort and pain.

7. Behind The Ear Tattoo

Behind the ear, tattoos are small and insignificant as far as getting inked goes. However, they pack a painful punch!

The skin behind the ear is thin and sensitive, and the needle sensation near your ear is unsettling. Tattoo numbing creams are a welcome pain relief for this delicate area, thus making it easier to bear the discomfort and create your desired earpiece.

8. Neck and Throat

Tattoos on the neck and throat are notorious for their pain factor. The neck houses a complex network of nerves, making it an incredibly sensitive area to tattoo. While the aesthetic appeal of neck tattoos is undeniable, they are not for the faint of heart. Tattoo numbing creams can help ease the process by providing temporary relief from the pain.


Getting a tattoo is a personal journey; the pain comes with that experience. While some embrace the pain as a rite of passage, others opt for tattoo numbing cream to make the process more bearable. The choice is yours, but knowing the most painful places to get tattoos prepares you mentally and physically.

Remember, the pain is temporary, but the art you carry is a permanent testament to your individuality and style. Whether you decide to use tattoo numbing creams for a Painless Tattoo or face the pain head-on, the world of tattoos offers a broad range of possibilities for self-expression.

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