5 Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

There are always some dos and don’ts attached with goals of weight loss. These do’s and don’ts have some substance and you should take it seriously if you are on your weight loss journey; dent matter whether you are age 25 or 50. The aging process is far away from weight gain or sickness.

With an appropriate healthy diet, you can reclaim your health along with your figure. As people age, their attainment of pH buffers goes depleted. Also, for multiple-disease prevention, it is critical to

  • Have a healthy diet with daily/hourly supply of alkaline buffers,
  • Avoid things that erase this supply

Any type of weight loss tends to use up the alkaline buffers supply; however, it isn’t healthy to be overweight. So, “What to do?” and “What to not do?” here is a comprehensive answer for you.

Choose Wisely What You Eat:

Consciously choose your daily food intake. If you have to diet, do it in the right way. The effectiveness of the diet is important as it helps you in losing weight quickly and not gain it back. You don’t need to keep on dieting months after months!

Learn about healthy foods, make a list of them, and find the right variety. Examples of healthy eating include the intake of

  • dairy and grass-fed beef,
  • organic vegetables,
  • fresh fish,
  • only the good fats

Take Plenty of Water

Drink enough water all through the day. You need to understand that water transports wastes that need to be excreted out from the body. Water is a universal solvent, which means when you are erasing toxins from the body, the waste will temporarily dissolve in water.

Alkaline ionized water acts as a temporary neutralizer till the toxins are permanently removed. Toxins are stored frequently in a body’s fat cells. Thus, when you go for fat burning, these fats get released.

Alkaline ionized water helps in neutralizing toxins (they are mostly acidic) and balance a human body’s ph.

Give Right Amount of Proteins to Your Body

Proteins are like fuel to your body. Proteins repair and rebuild all of the tissues and cells in your body. Some meats are better than others so when you go for weight loss, it’s critical to choose the BEST proteins.

Make sure every calorie is of high quality. This would help you in getting success regarding your weight loss goals quickly. Talking about weight loss, using dumbbells can complement your protein intake. Use dumbbells offered by many adjustable dumbbells manufacturers and shred your calories faster.

Moreover, fish such as salmon or wild-caught Alaskan cod are among the BEST protein sources. Try to eat quality fish like those mentioned above, every day. Eggs are also among tremendous proteins sources, and you should also have a few servings of eggs every week.

Processed meats like taxing on the body and are more acidic, so avoiding them is advisable. Cheese or dairy products are fine to take if you source them from grass-fed cows.

Take Minerals and Vitamins

Consume vitamins and minerals in the right amount. If you cherry-pick the correct amounts of minerals and vitamins, it will likely make your body healthier and stronger. However, it’s better to get your minerals and vitamins from whole foods or as healthy eating.

Both the healthy eating constituents are more bio-available. They adjust into your cells in the right proportions and are immensely balanced. Supplements are necessary, but you can’t consume supplements blindly. The reason behind this is that unverified supplements can cause an off-balance within your body and they can make you deficient in some other mineral or vitamin.

Measure Your Weight

Every morning, weigh yourself daily before you drink or eat. Don’t heed to people who say or advise otherwise. Weighing may not be 100% precise; however, it is a nice way to see how you are progressing over time and whether you are heading in the right direction.

If you regularly weigh yourself in the morning, before you eat anything, then your results will portray an accurate picture of your progress. Progress can also be achieved by spending time on the weight bench. If the bench you use is manufactured by quality weight bench manufacturers, then your results exceed your expectations.


Keep Check on Carbs

Consume carbs in controlled doses. Overeating carbohydrates triggers an insulin response, which makes you hungry, tired, and causes you to store harmful fats.

Enough Proteins

Don’t over-eat proteins. Consuming proteins more than you need in a day stimulates fat storage and generates an acidic condition in your body.

Avoid Junk Foods

Don’t fall into the fascinations of junk fats portrayed by junk food chains. To keep yourself away from destructive fats, avoid junk foods, such as poly-unsaturated and saturated fats, which are also renowned as trans-fats. Junk fats are unhealthy without a doubt.

Starvation is a Wrong Policy

Don’t starve, I repeat DONT.

Starving is a disaster recipe for not getting the proper nutrition a body needs. Therefore, you must never fall for any reason to starve and should lose weight organically and in a healthy way.

Don’t Fear From Cheat Day

Don’t worry if you stray from your diet from time to time; just don’t do it too frequently. It’s not a bad thing to “cheat” a little bit while dieting. It tends to remind your body that everything is fine and that there are no deficiencies. The only issue arises when you do it too frequently, which will, of course, prevent you from ever reaching your fitness goals.

Anna Coblin is pursuing his degree in Marketing and loves to share his thoughts in words. He is a content creator and is working for an affiliate website, which deals in discount and coupon codes. He is a professional content writer and has contributed several amazing blogs on various websites

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