Visiting – What to Expect
Metamora Church of Christ has a longstanding history of passionate witness to God’s call. No matter who you are or where you are on your faith journey, at Metamora Church of Christ, you have a seat at God’s table

Our Mission
Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to strengthen the local church.

Whatever makes you feel comfortable is appropriate! Some may wear a dress or dress pants. Others prefer to dress casually in jeans or shorts. If you’re comfortable in what you decide to wear, you’ll fit right in.

Finding Your Way Around
Most people enter through the main door with the covered porch. When you enter there is a small foyer area with coat racks. There are two rooms to the right that serve as the minister’s office and men’s Bible study room. The sanctuary is through the double doors on the left. To your right as you enter the sanctuary is the unisex restroom.

We have one staircase at the back of the sanctuary, next to the outside wall, leading to the lower level where Children’s Church and pitch-ins are held.

Worship starts at 10:30 a.m. and runs about an hour. You will likely notice an atmosphere of quiet greeting and discussion upon entering the sanctuary.

Our order of worship has four movements.
   1) We Come Together because God calls us
   2) We Share God’s Blessings by presenting our many gifts before Christ’s table of grace
   3) We Proclaim the Word, opening ourselves to God’s teachings
   4) We then Go Out to Serve, blessed by God’s love, to serve the world

This format is also a model for Christian living..

Lord’s Supper
The Lord’s Supper is celebrated each Sunday and all are welcome at God’s table. It is served in the pews. The elements are passed along the pew and we serve one another where we ask you to hold the individual cup or bread and partake in unison.

Children in Worship
Children are very welcome in worship! We expect they will make noise so rest assured this isn’t a problem. At the beginning of worship we have one of the children select a hymn for the congregation to sing.

Children Church 1

Our Children’s Church begins midway through the service after communion is served. All children are invited to follow the Children’s Church leader to the space in the lower level to hear each week’s lesson in an age-appropriate format. The adult will escort the children back to the upper level where they will safely remain until you pick them up after the service.


Enjoy the sound of a piano as we sing from the Favorite Hymns of Praise hymnal during worship

Fellowship before Worship
It is our practice to join together as a faith community before worship to share conversations. It is together that we are the body of Christ so many ideas are shared and plans are hatched. This time of fellowship is open to all and we do hope that visitors will come early and join the conversations.