12 Fast Food Orders from Major Food Chains That Won’t Break Your Diet

Eating healthy can be hard when you’re on the go, but it doesn’t have to be! In this article, we’ll show you how to make healthier choices while still enjoying your favorite fast-food restaurants. Learn which menu items are worth ordering and how to customize them for maximum nutrition while following a healthy meal plan. And for our fellow vegans and vegetarians, we got you covered! We’ll include some of the best plant powered fast food.

Use these tips when you’re not sure what to order:

Load Up on the veggies. Veggies have less calories per gram and there is more volume of food, and you get essential nutrients. Instead of adding more cheese, sour cream or ranch, add more salsa or avocado

Avoid food items with sauces and ditch the sweets because these are usually high in sodium.

Avoid sugary drinks, drink water instead. If you can’t resist having soda, then go for sugar free or low-calorie drinks

Swap out regular bread and rice for whole wheat options. For example, white or sourdough bread for whole wheat and white rice for brown rice or quinoa.

Stick to one fat source. Fat has the most calories per gram than other macro nutrients. For example, if you go to chipotle and order a bowl don’t get guac, cheese and sour cream. Choose one of those three.


McDonalds – Egg McMuffin

288 calories / 17 grams of protein/ 27 grams of carbs/ 12 grams of fat

We have to start the list with a classic breakfast item. When there’s a Mcdonalds almost anywhere you go, you get convenience, affordability! Did I also mention how delicious it is? If you love spicy food, ask for a side of buffalo sauce to give your breakfast a blast of flavor.

Starbucks – Iced Americano with almond milk, 4 pumps of SUGAR FREE VANILLA and turkey bacon cheddar and egg white sandwich

245 calories/ 17 grams of protein/ 28grams of carbs/ 5 grams of fat

Another all-time favorite is the iced americano. This is one of the most expensive food orders on the list. With the drink and sandwich totaling almost 10 bucks. But if you’re a Starbucks lover then you’ll enjoy a savory breakfast sandwich with your coffee. The best thing of all, this iced americano is only 15 calories! It’s almost nonexistent and even though you’re breaking your wallet, you won’t break your diet.

Denny’s – Fit Fare Loaded Veggie Omelets with Egg Whites, Fruit & English Muffin

490 calories / 32 grams of protein/ 59 grams of carbs/ 16 grams of fat

Deny’s is a fairly cheap diner. Service is pretty fast so you can, which is perfect if you want to have breakfast or lunch with friends or need a bit before hitting the road. If you need a pick-me-up, they serve coffee hot or cold with a variety of creamers. My recommendation is to use half and half creamer with stevia if it’s available


Panda Express – Plate with half white rice and half super greens, teriyaki Chicken and string bean chicken

770 calories/ 60 grams of protein/74 grams of carbs/25 grams of fat

Who doesn’t like Chinese food? Orange chicken is the most popular item at Chinese restaurants. But It’s the most caloric dense which is a no go for your staying on your health and fitness journey. Beijing beef is another personal favorite, but it has a whopping 470 calories per serving! That’s more calories than 2 servings of white rice! Ditch the super sweet and fried entrees and get something with more protein and nutrients.

Chick-fil-a – Grilled chicken sandwich

380 calories/ 28 grams of protein/ 43 grams of carbs/ 12 grams of fat

Imagine a low calories McChicken that still tastes good but is lower in calories. Again, ditch the higher calorie sauces for hot sauce or even ketchup. If one sandwich isn’t enough, then you can get a second one. However, if you want more food, the next item on the list is a better choice.

Habit – Chicken club on wheat bread

730 calories/ 47 grams of protein/ 51 grams of carbs/ 39 grams of fat

Earlier we mentioned subbing regular bread and sourdough bread for wheat bread. The chicken club is a great option because of the chicken breast. Don’t think for a second you’re getting a dry and bland chicken sandwich. The chicken club has plenty of flavor and is juicy on the inside.

Waba Grill – Chicken veggie bowl

710 calories/ 39 grams of protein/ 113 grams of carbs/ 11 grams of fat

Waba grill is an Asian inspired restaurant that offers plenty of options for anybody’s caloric needs with bowl and plate options. For this list we recommend the chicken veggie bowl but if you need more calories, opt for the chicken veggie plate.


Chipotle – Salad with chicken, black beans, mild salsa, sour cream and cheese

555 calories/ 48 grams of protein/ 28 grams of carbs/ 26 grams of fat

Chipotle is a great fast-food restaurant for healthy eating because of the moderate portions and meat options. This order is a delicious and filling meal. If you need more calories, grab a couple small tortillas on the side

In-n-out – protein style burger

270 calories / 13 grams of protein/ 11 grams of carbs/ 17 grams of fat

In n out is known for its quality and amazing burgers. A protein style burger will satisfy your cravings and you can get a second one if one isn’t enough. Who doesn’t love a world-famous burger?

Blaze Pizza – Build your own pizza with classic crust, red sauce, goat cheese, chicken, bell pepper, onions, spinach and roasted garlic

690 calories / 28 grams of protein/ 115 grams of carbs/ 11 grams of fat

Imagine a world without pizza, tragic right? Now imagine avoiding pizza so you can lose weight. Don’t worry you don’t have to with this delicious pizza for one or can be shared friends. Either way you’re not compromising on flavor or health.

Taco bell – Chicken soft taco fresco style

150 calories / 11 grams of protein/ 18 grams of carbs/ 4 grams of fat

A lot of people love taco bell and it’s no surprise that you always see cars in the drive through. If you want late night grub after partying or being out with friends, then stop by a taco bell drive through and order 3 of these. That’s only 450 calories! Having a cheat day or refeed? Add a crunch wrap supreme fresco style and sub the beef for chicken.

Flame Broiler – Half and half white rice bowl

610 calories / 48 grams of protein/ 71 grams of carbs/ 13 grams of fat

This order on the list is similar to the Waba bowl with less calories. It really comes down to which one is in your area.

My name is Omar Garcia, I’m a freelance copywriter and health and fitness enthusiast from Los Angeles, California. I’ve been featured in bootcamp, a publication that creates guest blog posts on medium. My latest project was a UX case study for a productivity and self-development app.

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