6 Easy Keto Recipes That Actually Burn Fat

The ketogenic diet is embraced for its ability to healthily lose weight. You don’t have to look far to notice just how many friends, influencers, and celebrities are bragging about their keto weight loss and talking about how to get it fast! It’s a diet that restricts the number of carbs you eat, getting your body used to burn fat for energy rather than glycogen stores that come from carbohydrates. The result of all this is that the body taps into a natural metabolic state called ketosis – you become better at burning off the fat. Here we provide several brilliant low-fat keto recipes that will help with just that. Let’s find out more!

Fat-burning foods

If the goal is to lose weight, you’ll be surprised just how many keto recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner contain ingredients that will cause you to lose weight (to help this, you can also look at running to burn belly fat) Here are the categories that need to be sustained in keto recipes in order to lead to weight loss:

  • Satiety needs to be reached quickly and effectively
  • They need to be easy to digest
  • They need to promote a healthy gut so that fat can be lost efficiently
  • Energy levels need to be reached without adding too many calories
  • Ketosis needs to be promoted

With these things in mind, what are the keto recipes that will work? Let’s look at some healthy keto recipes that you can eat every day. We’ll provide you with the bare-bones so that you can customize them however you please. Ready? Let’s take a look.

1. Mushroom, walnuts, and “cauliflower rice” 

A hearty combo of ingredients that musters up a stunning umami flavor. You can blitz a cauliflower in a food processor to create low-carb “rice”, which you can then cook in a couple of minutes on a hob. Adding the walnuts will provide healthy fats that you need to make up your 60% fat diet. Mushrooms are packed full of nutrients and are low calorie, so they will work wonders.

2. Spinach, herb, and sausage wrap

As a part of a keto diet, you’ll need to consume low calorie and nutrient-dense green vegetables. Combine leafy greens such as spinach, herbs, and kale with a protein-packed sausage and put the whole thing in a wholemeal wrap. Drizzle over with a full-fat dressing to top up on healthy fat, but always made from monounsaturated oils such as olive or avocado oil.

3. Kimchi and pork stir-fry

This is one of those true keto diet recipes for beginners. Kimchi is loaded with probiotics that promote gut health, plus it’s seriously delicious. The addition of this in a pan with chopped pork provides a healthy full-fat meal. Don’t skim the fat off the meat – you should actually go for the fatty cuts.

4. Deviled eggs

Eggs are packed full of healthy protein, and you’ll need to consume 20% protein in a keto plan. You’ll feel full very quickly with these eggs, reducing cravings for snacking and building up calories. Hard boil eggs and take out the yolks, add some fatty mayonnaise and cream before piping the mix back into the middle of the whites. Top with cilantro and vitamin C packed chopped red peppers.

5. Pesto chicken and courgette spaghetti

Get your lean breasts and turn them into something fantastic by grilling in plenty of oil. Pesto is full of fat and healthy herbs that will provide a nutrient-dense and flavor-enhancing combo. If you get yourself a spiralizer, you can make courgette spaghetti, which is nutritious and very low in carbohydrates. Mix everything up and enjoy it!

6. Bacon and guacamole on wholemeal toast

On the keto, you will want to consume healthy fats. This is just what this meal provides with the key ingredient, avocado. A combo of bacon and guac will be incredible on healthy toast, plus you’ll feel full very quickly. Make sure you add some garlic powder and other spices for additional nutrients. If you add a vitamin C kick of lemon juice in, you can bring a whole new element to the table, plus it will give you a way of adding supplements without having to taste them!

Keto recipes that will help

All the recipes we’ve provided are easy, fun to make and seriously healthy. We want you to engage in the keto diet not because you have to, but because it makes you feel good. Let these recipes help you achieve the weight loss you’ve been looking for in a healthy way. All the best!

Are you fond of any keto salad recipes? Tell us about your favorites in the comments section below.

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