How To Keep Yourself Healthy During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Covid has taught us different ways of life during the battle. It helped us connect to our old self which we lost during our busy life activities. It gave all of us a chance to be at home and reconstruct what is broken inside and reclaim our old hobbies. But, the extent of the battle has led to the extension of the lockdown and as working humans, we all started having mental breakdowns as some of us lost jobs, families, friends, and most importantly our “life” as we know it. 

The doctors and the health workers are fighting against the virus and are providing their best to protect us. They do not have the privilege to work from home and relax yet they are keeping up with the situation as well as their health.

The covid testing clinics are open 24*7 to provide essential medical services. Heal care professionals working in these clinics are working with their hearts and soul to fight against the pandemic. Here are some ways to keep up our physical and mental health during the lockdown. 

The first thing that we all should do is to visit a covid testing clinic and get a proper checkup, and if you are a Covid positive patent then you need to consult a doctor for further treatment. There are no prescribed medicines available for Covid-19 and doctors can suggest some supplementary medicines for the same. Along with that, they can suggest you get admitted into a hospital. 


How Would You Fight Against COVID-19? 

Keep Yourself Physically Active:

House arrest generally means more sitting and less active. A time like this requires people of all ages to be physically fit and strong. Regular physical exercises are very beneficial to keep your mind and body healthy.

  • Walk for 10-15 mins or stretch when you take a short break from sitting.
  • Try taking online exercises classes
  • Dance to your free will.
  • Play active indoor games and video games.
  • You can also try muscle strength and balance training.

Keep Yourself Physically Active


Check On Your Mental Health:

Mental health is a serious part of a healthy lifestyle, especially in this lockdown. Check on your mental health by inhaling positive aspects of life and try to stay aside from negativity as much as possible.

  • Make a healthy routine and stick to it. It helps you keep focused and determined. 
  • Minimize reading or listening to excessive news and only focus on the important and knowledgeable news.
  • Social contact is important and spending more time with your family can reduce your stress.
  • Limit alcohol consumption and keep yourself away from drugs.
  • Support health workers and try helping others.

Check On Your Mental Health

Eat Healthily:

Having a healthy and nutritious diet helps you be fit and strong. Our eating habits reflect on our bodies. As no food or dietary supplement can prevent the virus, a healthy diet can support the immune system. Good nutrition can reduce health problems like- heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and some types of cancer.

  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Reduce the consumption of salt.
  • Reduce sugar consumption.
  • Consume a balanced amount of oil and fat.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking enough water and fruit juices.


Spend Quality Time With Yourself:

Catch up with your old hobbies or take on a new hobby. Paint, write and be creative. Plant trees, cook or bake and listen to music. It helps you to be calm. 

Spend Quality Time With Yourself

The fight for covid is tough and it is going to last longer than we expected. The covid testing clinics are open so in case you find any symptoms of the virus quickly get a checkup. Stay inside, eat healthily, and sooner the brighter day will shine again.


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